Thursday, June 26, 2008

Waiter, There’s A Spider In My Taco

Taco stand
Taco stand
Food you can eat with your hand
Have some beef, have some cheese
Maybe hot sauce if you please
Look out!
And find us a taco stand!

Are they good?
Listen, bud
If you hate tacos your name is mud
Not burritos to be sure
But tacos still have their allure
Hey there
I see a taco stand

You can get it with rice
You can get it with beans
Sometimes meat might be nice
Cheap ones crack at the seams

Taco stand
Taco stand
Friendly neighborhood taco stand
Give a cheer
Shout hooray
You got lunch plans for the day

You see
Be it a cart or building
To serve you they’re always willing
There at the taco stand!

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