Saturday, January 31, 2009

Travel in Dana Point

Well, the bike was getting worked on and I needed to get a new tire up to the shop but I wanted to ride home after that...what to do, what to do? Call a friend and ask for a ride...too easy.
I'll take the bus up to Newport then walk about a half mile to the shop all with the tire in hand, YES! Needless to say I got some great looks and at one point decided to start talking to the tire on the bus to add a little crazy to the mix. people seemed to like it but the Costa Mesa Police department didn't. While walking from the bus stop to the shop two different cops pulled over and asked "what are you doing?" I said "I took the bus to come and get my bike that needs a new tire". Both officers then asked how many times I had been arrested. HA! They thought I was crazy but didn't give me too much hassle. If you get the chance ride the bus. Everybody is cranky and it smells like Vodka!

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