Friday, May 22, 2009

Clemente-Dana Wharf

I got a job working on this boat just after College (see what my Chico degree got me!) The Clemente was built in the early 60's and used to pull up to the San Clemente pier to take Anglers out. Once Dana Point Harbor was built the whole sportfishing fleet and the Clemente moved to it's current home in the harbor. My Dad used to take my brother and I out fishing on this boat a few times a year when we were kids. Really great memories of my Dad drinking Coors on a hot summer day and teaching my brother and I how to fish. It really was an honor to work on that boat. Hard long hours but the feeling of accomplishment at the end of every day was great. Just wished I hadn't smoked soo many cigarettes...cough...weeez....
Have a great Memorial day weekend.

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