Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Inverted Nines and the 805 Rio Chico House

Manuel Daniel, D-D-D Daniel, Steve and I on the porch of the notorious
805 house in Chico. The kitchen was used as a shop to work on
motorcycles. The basement was our band studio. At one point 7 guys
were living in this place throwing parties and pretending to go to
school. We would cover the dorms in flyer's, buy a keg of shitty beer
then have our band play in the backyard.That was our business plan. We
had mounted my old stereo speakers to the outside front porch so we
could blast music towards the campus. One day my friend Scott got the
genius idea to hook the speakers up to the VCR and blast porn
instead...MAN O MAN did we get some looks from the ladies walking to
school....good times.


Anonymous said...

i live there now and its the same shit except good beer and no porn

Huber said...

Nice! Have fun up there. I miss it.