Friday, November 13, 2009


What can I say about Trip:
He's been a good friend since I met him in 8th grade. He was wearing a
Minor Threat T-shirt the first time I met him. I was still into metal at
that point. I had a Metallica "ride the Lightening" T-shirt on and I
think he made some shitty comment about how they sucked. We were skating
some curb in San Juan and he couldn't skate to save his life so I got
respect for my 5-0 grinds...HA! Well, we ended up starting a punk band
that year and we played our first house party. I think at that point we
were called Disorderly Conduct or Toadstool!?!?! Chad, Nick, Trip and I
took it upon ourselves to out punk every kid in South Orange County, not
hard. WE had the best records and WE made the best tape mixes for our funny.
Trip is a true original. An individual. I have only met a few folks in
my life that truly live by their own code and he is one of them. Along
with living by your own code means you take chances with traditional
authority and laws. It's no shock that Trip has had his run-ins with the
law and about 6 months back he had some bad luck with the LAPD. He
needed some cash fast and I was happy to help. Everything ended up
working out and Trip's back making art and doing whatever he wants when
he wants and that's all that matters. He called to let me know he could
pay me back so I headed over to his Mom's house. Trip was in a creative
mood that day and was making Art for all his friends including a piece
that had some crazy real wings that he had clipped off a hawk that had
been hit by a car somewhere out on one of his travels. Simply give me the cash back....Nooooo, that wouldn't be Trip.
I was presented with the peice of Art that included the cash I loaned him. Classic! As his Mom put it "I have no idea why you guys
are still friends because your nothing alike now". She's right, I like
motorcycles and being a square and he likes tribal chants and "medicine" as he
calls it but when you take away all the random shit we both are into
he's still a great friend.

Viva la Trip!
Art Kills.


Tim said...

Fucking classic. Haha! Someday you will need to name the stages of Trip. the italian scooter gang period, the karate master period etc.

Laura said...
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