Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hell Bound for GLORY-Capistrano Hill Climb

From 1917 to 1937 the Capistrano Hillclimb was a national motorcycle event that attracted 20,000 to 30,000 spectators. Dudley Perkins was the first to conquer the hill on his Harley Davidson and become a national motorcycle icon. This hill is literally down the street from my house today. My brother and I used to ride dirt bikes on the top of the hill next to Camino Las Ramblas and we all called it the bluffs or hill tops I think. Good place to smoke cigarettes and maybe the occasional beer in High School. I never had any idea I was standing at the top of a mountain with so much motorcycle history! Dudley went on to open an HD dealership is San Francisco and the sport of hillclimbing reached a pinnacle in the late 30's. A few pictures I found of Dudley and the Aaaamazing Capistrano Hill Climb. I'm Huell Howser, Thanks for listening.

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