Monday, September 27, 2010

NorCal cops pull through for the Horses.

Stevil got a call from a cop today who said something about having him on Camera near Lake Berryessa???
Steve asked him to repeat what he said and the guy claiming to be a cop said " I found a camera with pictures of your bike on the side of the road. Ran your plate in our computer and got your number"...crazy! I lost my camera on our annual summer run this year and apparently he found it on the side of the road. He asked Steve to have me call him and describe the camera and photo's and he would ship it back to me. All in all a really great officer hooked me back up with my camera today! So, I'll be posting pictures of the Hungry Horse run soon. There are a lot of great cops out there so don't trip when you meet one with his head up his ass...we all have bad days. Also, make sure your saddlebags are closed when you ride off in the morning after a late night or bye bye Olympus camera.