Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Four Peaks

While I waste my time and money on chopper doo dads and planning punk rock shows my brother puts on a clean up day in Arizona that attracts 1000's of people to come out to shooting areas and help clean up the tons of trash that are left behind by careless shooters. He's been at it for the last few years and this past week the park service got around to giving him an an award. The main area he has focused on is Four Peaks. He and his girlfriend Danica literally spend half of the year planning a one day event to clean up the Four Peaks. The only help they receive is from anyone willing to assist with sponsorships. I've learned a lot from watching him put this on every year and he's made me very proud to be his brother.  Good job Tim Tim.

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SOAZ said...

Ah shucks big bro. Thanks. It means a lot.