Wednesday, July 20, 2011


First tape I ever bought with my own money was John "Cougar" Mellencamp(scarecrow maybe). I think at that point being born and raised in Southern California he was about as country as I could find and that's what I wanted to hear. He sounded mad and he smoked cigarettes like a champion. No more than 6 months after I found Cougar I found metal and punk. Game over Johnny. Over the past 20+ years since I started to listen to him I still like what he's doing. All the punk rock definetly shaped my youth but I'm 32 now and I still dig this guys voice and what he's doing. The first track on this video is off his new album he recorded on an old ampex 601 with one mic at old studios including Sun studio in Memphis. The second track is his classic Pink houses and it still sounds great. I saw John Cougar, Bob Dylan and Willie Nelson play at the Elsinore baseball stadium a few years back and he blew dylan outta the water. Willie is Willie and you can't touch him but John was a close second. How is this guy still chain smoking 4 packs a day...Hero John. Thank you for the tunes.

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