Thursday, July 14, 2011

Frank Kaisler has it right!

Below is a paragraph from Bill Bryant's article on Frank Kaisler who worked for Easyrider Mag in the 70's and 80's. Once again it's all about riding your bike and not how bitchin yer OG Lee clutch pedal is.

Sometimes Frank has to laugh when he sees some of the fashionista nonsense going on in today's chopper world. Frank appreciates what lots of guys are building these days but can't help but trip out on what they'll pay for parts he and his crew considered junk back in the day. "Mostly garbage, total shit" is how Frank describes most of the "catalog" bits from the '70s. Are they shoppers or choppers? "Paying $800 for a piece of shit warbird taillight is just plain silly." When I asked Frank if dudes back then cared as much about old parts, his reply was telling. "We used old parts because that's what we could afford. We didn't really collect things for the sake of collecting. We rode old motorcycles, new motorcycles, whatever we could get our hands on."

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