Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Picked up a cool old wheelbarrow that was used for Concrete in the 20's, 30's?

Don't know much about it accept that it has steel wheels and old Goodyear tires. It has an old label on it that states CAR-BRO. Get a hold of me if you know anything about these. Got an idea in the works for it.

I love this ball.

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Anonymous said...

Apparently, these were actually made by "Gar-Bro" sometime in or after 1923... The 21" tires and tubes are the same as those used on Ford Model A cars... The company appears to continue to make descendents to the item you have as illustrated here: http://www.garbro.com/categories/carts_wheelbarrows/dump_carts.htm

How many designs last this long ?