Tuesday, September 6, 2011

68 Generator Shovel

Well, I posted a few pictures of her already but here is how she sat the night I brought it home from San Clemente. Surfer had it stashed in his garage for the last 5 years and rode it around the block a few times. It was his Uncles bike. His Uncle was a Warlock for 40+ years out of Pennsylvania. This bike is sooo neat just to see the simple things he did to it over the years to keep it up and running with his brothers newer rides. Early 74 disc brakes. Electronic ignition and a nice little narrow glide front end. 5 gallon mile eating tanks and she is geared to be happy around 80-85MPH. I already tweaked a few things but am pretty happy with a good chunk of it for now. Bars have to go but she has brand new rubber and is just about ready to ride anywhere. A few wiring gremlins but she's a mover! I do miss the Dyna but this girl has some class!

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