Monday, April 2, 2012

ERRC RUN -Death Panamint-Saline Valley

The last 4 years my brother, myself and some close friends have explored the canyons and trails of Death Valley and the surrounding area. This year was the best one yet and we found some amazing spots. So many cabins, and remote areas with nobody at them. If you need to do some thinking this is the place to get away from it all. This first post is from the first half of day one.

This is Dennis and his camp set up. Dennis worked with my brother years back and knows more about leather work and off roading than most.

Rachel was the only lady to join the ERRC this year. She also did the whole trip on her dirt bike. Dust storms and tough trails never slowed her down!

Warm Springs Ranch. Stopped in for a swim!

Tim's Rig

Geologist Cabin

Steve and Chui are royalty when your an ERRC member.

When the camera is at an angle you have to lean to get the perfect pic. ERRC members for 2012.

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