Monday, April 2, 2012

Part 3 ERRC hits South Park Canyon and Briggs Cabin

After a long day of 100+ miles off Road we headed up South Park Canyon in the hopes of finding two cabins that we had read about. This canyon is very remote and without a tow strap my 2WD would have never made it up. This is stone cabin above. All of these cabins are open on a first come first serve basis. Both the cabins in this cabin have been really well cared for by a group of Marines from Miramar that use it as a wind down spot. Solar Power so you have lights stereo. They also have propane hook ups that run all the stoves and built in gas lanterns. I can't even describe how neat this was. We were in one of the most remote places I've been in California with a gorgeous free cabin with every luxury I could want.

If the flag is up that means the cabin is taken.

Looking north from the cabin at an old work shop.

Old belt drive that ran most of the mine equipment.

Then we saw Briggs cabin above stone cabin. This place was twice as big and is a total mind blower.

The main patio at Briggs Cabin

The Kitchen. It all works and was super clean.

Work shop.

Looking down from the horseshoe pit at Briggs.

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