Sunday, June 16, 2013

El Diablo Run 2013

This Years El Diablo Run was nothing I expected it to be and probably my favorite so far. Great group of guys. No attitudes and it seemed like everyone was out for fun. I had some major mechanical problems but more on that later. Here's the initial crew having lunch at Hells kitchen. Me. Timmy, Ryan, Charlie and Leah.

We spent night one in Temecula at Mcgoo's house. This is his collection of Friendship bracelets from EDR 4. h eliked em so much he bought them all. Rad.

Next morning was cold but the bike ran good all the way until just outside Mexicali. I shredded a primary belt drive. Never had this issue before on any bike. Totally bunk. Timmy found a hose on the side of the highway and towed me 30 miles to San Felipe. He's a true friend for life and that hose is my pal forever.

Only Picture I took in San Felipe our first night. Big Hardcore scene in San Felipe... hehe!

Breakfast before trying to fix my bike.

9 hours and countless beers later we couldn't pull my clutch hub apart. The bike won this year. I couldn't fix her. Thankfully I had a friend with a trailer and I became a passenger from here on out.

The Coctagon!!!

SAVAGE biker shit.

Paradise to me.

fucking canadians

Heading to ensenada!

Flat tire in the middle of the mountains above ensenada. No problem. These guys were great!

My hotel in Ensenada. I highly suggest it. Clean Rooms and hot water.

Mcgoo is a ruler

Can you find Corey from Pawn stars???

Where my bike spent most of it's time. Huge thanks to Carey for the trailer spot and all my friends who helped me work all day in San Felipe to try and get things fixed. The trip was great and I had a blast! Thanks to Tiffany for the support :)

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TheNormalHouse said...

Looks like a blast! and yes I found Corey!! See ya soon!!