Sunday, July 14, 2013

July 4th Sierra Summer Spectacular

Tiffany, Steve, Katy and I rented a cabin in the sierras for the 4th. Fish, Swim, Drinks, snake fighting and good time'n! Great trip. I will live in the sierras sometime soon after the Zimmerman race wars subside. Come visit.
The Cabin and Chui dog.

Day 2 we decided to hike to an older Fire lookout tower called The Needles. The tower had apparently burned down by a careless ranger starting a fire in the tower. Epic views of the sierras to say the least.

Steve and Katy getting all hippie.

Sweet T

The final section of the 2 hour hike was SKETCHY. Crazy staircase with burned out steps on a exposed granite cliff face. This is the foundation of where the lookout cabin would have been. Stairs to nowhere.

Stairway... No stairway Wayne!!

She did it and I was proud. It was sketchy.

Top of the sierras

the krew

Heading up to the top.

On the hike back Tiffany was having a hard time breathing. In an effort to show me she was fine she began running down the trail. No sooner did she start running when a good size diamondback was sitting on the trail. She jumped over it and we all got lucky. We were at least 4 hours to the nearest hospital. Scary. See him slithering away??

Me N Steve. We've known each other too long. 

Getting all deep and shit.

Great day.

Bar to bar
Great time with good Friends. So fortunate to be able to enjoy these mountains with friends. Insert tree hug here.

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