Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Searching for the elusive albino woman of Belden Town OR "How I spent my summer vacation"

 10 years in, the Club that was never a MC has done it again. We've been doing at least 2 of these trips a year for quite a while now. There was something different about this one though.
To all the guys that couldn't make it we will do it again but ya missed a really good one! Old friends and new united in CHICO, CA for a 5 day massacre of swimming, drinking and oh yeah, MOTORBIKES! The new Suicide Boys man club was formed to the delight of women who love old tattoo'd guys everywhere! (Calendar to come soon)
This is the first time we ever embraced a trailer and for the 5 of us that sat in the AC 8 hours north instead of the 100+ temps on Highway 5 it was well worth it. A little over 2000 miles round trip. Great roads, good people and good times. The first pic is us loaded up with 5 bikes headed for our first night of camping off the 5 in Los banos.
Efren taking a smoke break on the 5. Solid guy who always had a smile on his face the whole trip.

Chico California. Off loaded and ready to ride up to BeldenTown to meet up with the Frisco guys and Matt from Chico.

Scooters on Hwy 70 for Burgers and Brews.

Rolling along Highway 70


Did someone say swim break, Yeah! 

The first time the Suicide Boys went swimming with the locals. We cleared the place out pretty quick. 

"Hey man your bikes leaking something???  Naw, just beer."

Belden Town to watch some Hippies set up an Electronic music festival. Weird to say the least. Ask me about Bikini boy sometime.

Next morning heading for Lake Almanor.

Mr. Peck on his clean machine.

Lake Almanor

Trav and Matt were back in their hometown. What a place to grow up.

After our daily swim break we headed for Susanville for virgin margaritas and intense heat.

the camp spot that night was Eagle lake. We couldn't wait to throw the BEE and get in the water.

mailman left a delivery.

Next morning we were all pretty hungry and ready to head for Burney Falls. Timmy Balls

Riding through Bieber, CA with Mount Shasta in the background

Burney Falls was amazing. I had no idea it was this majestic and grand. so great.

Scott joined us on this run for the first of many on his new Harley. Great riding with him.

Matt had mentioned we were gonna be passing by the bridge from the movie "Stand By Me" so we were all pretty stoked to go and check it out.

Run Guys!!!!!

Amazing country up here

Saddled up and ready to head back to camp. Did I mention we had a few beers on this trip??

My pal Murray rode up solo from Auburn to join us for a day. Always good to see him.

Murray's Softail

Hard to really get a good shot but these are what they call the Subway Caves. They were formed when a giant lava flow cam through and hollowed out a lava river while the cooler lava around the flow formed a cave. Pretty neat.

That day we finally reached the highest point of the run(not from drinking). Lassen Volcanic park summit. 8200 feet.

One of the many suicide boys album covers.

We arrived back in Chico at Matt and Alicia's house to a huge BBQ and party. Hero's welcome home! Thank you Matt and Alicia as well as all our friends old and new. This one could not have gone any better. To the 9 guys that rolled with me: We are Suicide Boys for life. Born to Ride, throw the BEE and Swim at least twice a day. Bikini Boys may come and go but the "Royal Baby" has nothing on us! Keep an eye out for more tours and fun coming later this summer. Ride motorcycles and HAVE FUN! A few more random photo's below. 
She never let me down. Thanks Shovelhead.
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Rolling up the Feather River.

Back home in Orange,CA

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